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Little Block Project - Ongoing

Updated: Apr 14

Some of the most interesting things to see are process pictures, ongoing works, and unfinished pieces. This mini project is one of those.

Back in February I was kindly given a box of small plywood pieces (Thanks Becky!). Originally planned for a letterpress project, these pieces were 5 cm x 5cm square blocks (12mm thickness). Their uniform size and the sheer amount of them immediately got me excited to do a little project with all the pieces. The wood itself is just basic ply, easy enough to carve although occasionally the facing splinters off a bit.

The challenge that comes with these small blocks is knowing how much detail to attempt on the block, understanding that the piece itself will be small. Typically, my woodcuts are constructed with several layers, building colours and textures to make my prints. Building up several layers on these small blocks would be a challenge. So, in this unfinished project, I have limited myself to one layer prints so far. Although, I may attempt some layering later.

I have been using the blocks to make bold and simple designs with black ink. So far the blocks are each singular pieces, united in their material. I have been thinking about making something that could go through a series of the blocks, maybe an extended pattern or a larger piece constructed from several blocks lining up.

Some of the pieces have been more successful than others, with the blocks themselves being quite engaging artifacts. I have varnished several of the blocks with hopes that I can upkeep them long enough to potentially print the series on a single larger sheet.

An artist I encountered recently who has been a good influence is John Pedder. Who creates quite simple but bold woodcuts. A lInk to his site: Home | JOHN PEDDER (

('Queen of the Jungle', The Embrace, A Bird. Or A Plane)

You can keep up-to-date with any progress on this project as I slowly post them to Instagram.

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